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Art and Writing Go Hand in Hand: Vincent Van Gogh and the Starry Night

Learn a little about the sad and lonely life of Vincent Van Gogh and discover who he was. We will focus on his famous painting "Starry Night." Students will fall in love with Vincent and his paintings. An art project and writing activity are included.    Taught Live only at this time. 



Grammar Detective in the Rainforest - Going on a Grammar Hunt - Nouns & Verbs

Grammar can be so much fun!  This is one of the more popular classes offered.  Students will enjoy hiking through the rainforest as they collect nouns and verbs.  Then they will put them together to make a poem.  Art activity ideas are included to display with the poem. Taught Live only at this time.



Evening on the Titanic with the Four Types of Sentences

Send your students back into time and travel the Titanic looking for different types of sentences.  This is a great refresher class for reviewing the four types of sentences.  Taught live only at this time.




Elf on the Shelf Learns to Write - Zoom w/Teacher Elf from the North Pole

Christmas time is right around the corner and those elves from the North Pole will be visiting our homes. I am Teacher Elf, the only teacher here at the North Pole, and I will be zooming with you all the way from the North Pole. You will meet Santa, Mrs. Clause, and the elves in the workshop. Because of the noisy environment, we will move on into the elves' classroom. Come join me as we learn about writing hilarious notes to our elf friends.  Enroll today.

Live option only at this time.



Art History and Writing

My art curriculum has always been very successful.  Students learn about various artists, their masterpieces, style of painting, and will learn to appreciate the world of art.  Check out my profile on outschool.com and see all my classes I currently offer.  

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 No More Grammar Groans

The secret to grammar is learning the six secret sentence patterns.  If you are hearing groans when it is time to do grammar, check this course out.  It is a 7 week course with either a live or video option.  I am truly excited about this course that reaches across several subjects.  Your student will learn some history, practice creative writing, and identify parts of speech.  

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